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    We're Hiring!


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    We're Hiring! Empty We're Hiring!

    Post by Japorized

    We're Hiring!!
    Think you'll be helpful for the community? Wish to learn managing a forum?
    InfinityHub is now open for employment!!

    Technically, we aren't really hiring anyone but we're opening up the chance for members to volunteer themselves to become a moderator for the forum.
    Please read the following items carefully.

    So what can I do as a moderator?
    You will be given the following powers:

    • remove, split, merge, lock, and unlock topics
    • edit posts of other members (if deemed necessary, for cases such as double posting, or if post contains sensitive or offensive issues)

    Cool. Do I get anything in return?
    We're a free community, and free in almost every sense, so I'm sorry but we don't have any form of payment for you. Our work is entirely voluntary, simply for the good of the forum and its community.

    If you're looking or expecting for some sort of return, then it would simply be the intrinsic reward from being able to serve a community, to bring about a better and happier place for everyone.

    Why is InfinityHub "hiring" then?
    Again, we're not really hiring. We're really just looking for people who wish to help the community and give them a chance of doing so.
    Of course, there's the part where I won't be able to handle everything by myself as the forum grows.

    Okay. Then how do I sign up? Is there a procedure that I have to follow?
    For now, simply PM me saying that you're hoping and willing to become a moderator. I will then open up a poll for members to vote, which will last for a week. If there are less than 10% (out of members of the entire forum) of votes, we will extend the poll for another week. The poll will close and you will not be able to become a mod if there are still less than 10% of the members votes in the poll.

    To pass and successfully become a mod, you will need to have more "yes" votes than "no" votes. Simple, right?
    But then, if there are more than 10% of "no" votes, we will put you on probation, allowing you to become a mod for a month's time. After that, we will allow the members to vote again if they are satisfied with you being a moderator.

    What positions do you have?
    As of now, we will only put every moderator into the general moderators instead of being a specialist (like if it's technical moderator or graphics moderator). As the forum grows, we will then start to branch out our group of mods into places that they prefer or are good at.

    If you have any questions, please post them in the comments below. I will amend this post if necessary, and adding in FAQs as time goes by.

    Please refrain from asking other members around the forum to support you in becoming a moderator. We will only allow a fair voting to be undergone.

    Best regards,
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