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    General Rules


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    General Rules Empty General Rules

    Post by Japorized

    As every single constitution, institution and organization has it, the InfinityHub has some of its own rules that everyone has to follow.
    Fortunately, we don't have articles or lines like a law book.
    We only need everyone to follow these simple rules so to ensure the quality of our experience here on the forum.

    Please go through the rules and do write at the Help & Suggestions section if you have further questions about the rules.
    And as time goes by, I will update the FAQ page on any of the rules to ease everyone's reference.

    Rules Unsure
    - spams are strictly prohibited
    - any advertisement on the forum must first acquire permission from the board
    - double posting is discouraged unless if there's a span of 24 hours between the two posts
    - respect other users as how you want others to respect you
    - speak not of racial issues, we are all equal here
    - please restrict to the use of English unless you can provide the right translation of your language

    For any offences, the moderators will provide an official warning with their respective moderating colors. For example, mine would be like:

    Please refrain from double posting

    The board of moderators will decide on how much would it degrade your health points of your profile whenever one of the rules is offended.
    However, we would usually treat simple, nondestructive offences very lightly and may not even reduce your health points.
    Take notice that your health points may reflect on who you are to others.

    Your health bar will also regenerate over time, given if it's not at zero, and that you are behaving well enough (need head pats for being a good kid? Tongue out).

    Thank you for your attention. Smile
    Please enjoy your time in the community.

    Best regards,
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