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    [Updates] Two New Features!


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    [Updates] Two New Features! Empty [Updates] Two New Features!

    Post by Japorized

    We implemented two new features today, which are...

    Navigation Bar v1.0 (released on Aug 4, 2014)
    [Updates] Two New Features! Screen12

    Our new navigation bar! Very clean, very sleek! Best thing is that it contains no images but utilizes our FontAwesome feature.
    And another great thing is that it toggles as you hover over the links, showing more options to navigate around the forum quickly.

    The new navigation bar contains all the links in our navigation, as well as a few new ones, such as the top 20 overall posters and viewing your own drafts.

    Of course, it's v1.0 for a reason. We'll keep on improving it, adding additional features over time.
    So stay tuned for that.

    And don't forget, we have a new second feature!

    Forum Activities Board v1.0 (released on Aug 4, 2014)
    [Updates] Two New Features! Screen36

    This sleek-looking board is introduced in Social Academy Forum as Latest Topic System v1. I have to thank them for the codes and praise them for the way they played around with it. Glasses

    The Forum Activities Board comprises of all the latest topics that our users have participated in, as well as the hottest viewed or replied topics. This allows users to quickly locate these topics and reply in them.

    That would be all for this post.
    I hope you all enjoy the new features as much as I enjoy coding (and editing) them.

    Cheers!  Hi~ 

    Best regards,

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    Post on Tue Aug 05, 2014 4:19 pm by Japorized

    Further updates

    Navigation Bar current version - v1.0.1
    v1.0.1 update
    - navigation bar is now smarter
    - some graphical changes to make it more suitable for different browsers
    - changed the design of the search query

    Forum Activities Board current version - v1.0.1
    v1.0.1 update
    - added toggles
    - added border for the title

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