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    Earning HubPoints


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    Earning HubPoints Empty Earning HubPoints

    Post by Japorized on Fri Aug 01, 2014 10:34 am

    Hello there,

    This is an explanation thread regarding the earning of HubPoints.
    All members will slowly gain HubPoints through the following methods:
    - posting a new topic
    - replying to a topic
    - adding a friend on the forum

    Please notice that different categories will give you different amount of points.
    For example, you won't earn points in the Announcement & Updates section, the HubPoints Shoppe, and the Random Crap section.
    And as time progresses on the forum, depending on the popularity of each topic, we will adjust the allocation of HubPoints accordingly. How? That'll be for you to find out. Wink

    Your earned HubPoints can be used to purchase items on the forum. Of course, we do not sell real items but forum items.
    You can see our list of items that can be purchased in the HubPoints Counter thread.

    We hope you'll be able to use your HubPoints as much as possible and put em to good use.

    Best regards,

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