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    Post by Japorized on Fri Aug 01, 2014 10:16 am

    Hello customer :D

    This post will comprise of all the forum stuff you can purchase with your hard-earned HubPoints.
    The list will add on so do come by and check out every so often.

    Tribes Setup
    - Create a new Tribe (includes username colorisation)250 HubPoints
    - Add an icon for usernames of all your Tribe members50 HubPoints
    - Changing the icon for usernames (must already have an existing icon)20 HubPoints
    - Changing Tribe username color50 HubPoints
    - Changing your Username
    obviously we do not encourage this option
    500 HubPoints
    - Having your own background image in your profile50 HubPoints
    - Add a cover photo for your profile (max height is 300px, width will depend on your screen)50 HubPoints
    coming soon... Wink

    If you'd like to know how the background and cover photo would look like, visit InfinityHub Bot's Profile.

    If you're interested in buying any of the available items, PM me! Smile

    Happy Shopping! Smile

    Update (Aug 12, 2014)Unsure We've lowered the prices for all the items! It's now easier for you to spend your HubPoints as you earn it.

    Best regards,

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