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    Post by Japorized

    Hello :D

    I'm glad that you're visiting the forum today.
    As you may see, this forum is just newly made and still needs a lot of work.

    If you're happy to help me out and get this forum moving with me, feel free to reply here, drop me a message if you're shy (which is also called PM) or email me at johnson5756 at live dot com (replace at with the alliance symbol and the dot a full stop or period or whatever you call it Tongue out)
    I'll be happy to have you. :twisted: 
    I really hope to get this forum up and running but I don't have a specific time frame in mind. I can do the coding, the designing and all but it's a bit overwhelming and lonely when you do it alone. 😢

    The reason to making this forum is cause I personally can't find a good forum to sit by and just nonchalantly chat about with random people cause most of what I saw are quite restricted to certain topics. And that's why I thought of a hub-like forum that has everything in one place. I'm tired of social networks like the big Facebook and Twitter cause those places are like all about the user himself or herself. We need a place where we can interact, not a place for us to brag all the time (unless if you're a braggart xD)

    So, join me on an adventure of making a forum (says in an adventure-anime-character-like way) Tongue out It's gonna be a bumpy ride (I guess?) for a start but hopefully we'll be able to get things done and finally have a place to call home. (<- Ok, now this line was a bit emotional)

    So here's the todo list for now. Be prepared to be overwhelmed, or not, if you decide not to click on the spoiler tag:
    The big TODO list:
    - Get a banner or not? (somehow don't feel like doing this) Not really satisfied with the banner but it'll do for now
    - Get all topics in place
    - Set up necessary mods
    - Set up a little game or RPG-like reputation system
    - Allow tribes to set up :twisted: Allowed~
    - Pets like this?
    - DESIGN the freaking forum now mostly rearranging the forum to be neater
    - Decide if the name's suitable I think I'm starting to like the name
    - Homepage? nah...
    - Get moar (more) people in
    - Get cups of coffee (wait... what?)
    - Write down R&R?
    - Setup little tweaks and tricks all over the forum (completed FontAwesome, collapsable categories, tabbed top posters, quick quote) Tweaks are mostly settled
    - Keywords (added) & Buttons for it (mod only feature so no buttons needed for topic title)
    - considering adding an image gallery (may not after all cause spaces are limited)
    - FINAL: Make yourselves home Smile
    okay... Maybe it wasn't that big but it's still big.
    As far as officers go, we'll temporarily set it at 1 admin, 2 global mods, and 3 general mods (excluding me)

    Thanks for your attention

    Edit: Oh, and I guess I need a cooler avatar I'm satisfied with my avatar now
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