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    World of Blocks - Minecraft


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    World of Blocks - Minecraft Empty World of Blocks - Minecraft

    Post by Japorized on Fri Aug 01, 2014 7:05 pm

    I bought Minecraft about last year and never stopped playing with it. Having lots of fun both in the survival and creative modes, as well as some of the various maps made and shared online.

    Here's one of my work in progress in a creative world. It took me about a week (about an hour to two everyday) to get to this stage. Full

    Theme Unsure Ruins in the sky

    Loved the simplicity of the gameplay, as well as the gaming mechanics and the endless possibility of the game.
    The game's always in development and glad that they are cause new features are always being implemented (worth my money I would say Feeling Smart ).
    Hope Mojang (creator of the game) isn't going to go down as rumored though.

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